Hello! This is a website dedicated to motorcycles, made by an enthusiast. A tool to compare motorcycles side by side, with specifications and a visual size comparison for ergonomics, to help you buy your first bike, change style or upgrade.

About specifications: there are many sources and model variations between countries, so check your local specs before making a decision. This website is intended as a general starting point, an overview of the motorcycles.

About the Size Estimator: taking measurements from photographs is far from an exact science. Angles, lenses and whatnot make a huge difference between an image and reality. These markings you see on the images are to give and idea of the different bike ergonomics, also as a starting point. Always try to ride a motorcycle before buying or, at least, seat on one to get a better idea of what it would be to live with it. More details of its uses and issues here.

We use press media to showcase the motorcycles. If you are the owner of something posted here and you don’t agree with its use, let us know and it will be removed.

Warning: DO NOT wear headphones over your helmet.

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