Hello! This is a website dedicated to motorcycles, made by an enthusiast. A tool to compare motorcycles side by side, with specifications and a visual size comparison for ergonomics, to help you buy your first bike, change style or upgrade.

About specifications: there are many sources and model variations between countries, so check your local specs before making a decision. This website is intended as a general starting point, an overview of the motorcycles.

About the Size Estimator: taking measurements from photographs is far from an exact science. Angles, lenses and whatnot make a huge difference between an image and reality. These markings you see on the images are to give and idea of the different bike ergonomics, also as a starting point. Always try to ride a motorcycle before buying or, at least, seat on one to get a better idea of what it would be to live with it.

Warning: DO NOT wear headphones over your helmet.

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