We all make mistakes: here’s one from Indian and one from KTM

It’s hard to get details for motorbikes and today we take a look at two examples: Indian FTR Rally 2023 shows a different dash and KTM shows different weights for it’s 890 SMT.

On the press release “Indian Motorcycle Announces 2023 Model Year Lineup; Revises FTR Lineup & Debuts Indian Challenger Elite” you can read: “New for 2023, the FTR Sport, FTR Rally and FTR R Carbon are upgraded with a 101 mm round touchscreen display(…)”. On their website the FTR Rally is listed as having an analogue dash. But, on the studio image we can see the TFT dash. But but, on another press image, we can also see the analogue dial.

And here you can see the actual motorcycle on a dealer’s page:

Somebody made a mistake there. More like “somebodies”.

KTM is also not sure about it’s new 890 SMT’s weight:

Their press release shows its weight at 194 kg “ready to ride”, meaning fully fueled and with fluids, but their British website shows the same weight as “dry”, which is their most common way of presenting this specification, so, for now at least, we went with that.

Also, these are just some of the hurdles that make it time consuming to add new bikes to this website.

Mistakes happen. Let us know if you find any!

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