Honda SH125i (2020+)

“…the fairing-mounted headlight (almost an LED ‘H’)” Press release.

“For 24YM the SH125i Vetro (meaning ‘glass’ in Italian) is a celebration of the craftsmanship and technical skills of the team at Honda Italia Industriale’s factory in Atessa on Italy’s Adriatic coast, and a model unique in the marketplace.

Production of the Vetro’s distinctive semi-transparent unpainted green fairing panels produces 9.5% less CO2 emissions over a year of production compared to those of the ‘standard’ colouring schemes – a new way of reducing environmental impact.

The SH125i Vetro also features a black front mudguard and black lower fairing with a bold white Honda logo. A silver SH logo also appears on the upper fairing.” Press release.

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Specifications and Features


125 cc Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled


13 hp @ 8250 rpm

Power to weight ratio

10 HP/100kg


12 Nm @ 6500 rpm

Torque to weight ratio

9 Nm/100kg


– Automatic CVT, centrifugal clutch
– Belt final drive

Fuel Capacity

7 litres


2090 mm


730 mm


1130 mm


– 134 kg wet
– Max load: 180 kg

Seat Height

799 mm


– Front: 33 mm telescopic fork, 89 mm travel
– Rear: twin-shocks, adjustable preload, 83 mm travel


– Front: 100/80-16
– Rear: 120/80-16


– Front: 240 mm disc, 2-piston caliper
– Rear: 240 mm disc, 1-piston caliper
– ABS available


– LCD displays with speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, average and instant consumption, trip meters, ambient temperature, voltmeter, clock


– LED lights "almost an LED ‘H’ "
– Traction control (swtichable)
– Fully Keyless, 28 litres under seat compartment with USB-C port, centre stand, "foldable utility hook on the front panel", start-stop system, top case standard in some markets. Optional: keyless 35 litres top case, high windshield

Honda SH125i 2020 dashboard Honda SH125i 2024 Matt Pearl Pacific Blue front Honda SH125i 2020 Pearl Splendor Red back

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